The partners of our trust
We need to have strong and trustworthy partners for our challenging targets. A common idea connects us.

Rotary Club Salt Spring Island & Zanzibar

The Rotary Club of Salt Spring Island enabled the initial founding of our Institute. Since then we are working together with the local Rotary Club. Trough their engagement, we had the chance to transform our ideas into reality.

The latest support of the Rotary Club Zanzibar enabled us to translate a nutrition manual into Kiswahili. The manual is now available on our website.

Msonge Farm & Family Juma

Their Farm is one of the leading organic farms on Zanzibar. The family is our family, our local partner and one of the initial founders. Nachum and Mwatima Juma following their idea of permaculture oriented farming and spreading the word of Permaculture.

Fumba Town Service Center

We collaborated with the Fumba Town Service Center even before our first phase of Fursa Kijani started. Currently all of the local employees have been part of the program 2015. Constantly we are exchanging labour, idea and motivation with one of the leading permaculture focused landscaping design teams on this planet.

Milele Foundation Zanzibar

We started 2015 the first phase of our youth empowerment program "Fursa Kijani" hand in hand. The Milele Foundation is a strong partner of us. Since we are working together we are targeting similar changes in the local communities.