Description of PPIZ

The Practical Permaculture Institutes Zanzibar is a school situated close to Stone Town in Shakani Unguja island, Zanzibar , that teaches practical livelihood skills by using the Permaculture approach.

Since our opening in 2016, we created a lush tropical food forest that reflects what we do: Creating sustainable living environments where people live in harmony with nature. Our mission is to spread this knowledge of sustainable skills and practice, which enable us to live in tune with the environment and society in and natural and fair manner.

Our core work is education of locals farmers, gardeners and landowners in Permaculture in Swahili, and we are hosting regular training such as half day skills workshop in:

composting/ soil building and natural pesticides/ companion planting. Our foundation course is the two week Practical Permaculture Design and Mapping /Designing Water Harvesting Systems/ Grey water Management/ Composting/ Seed Saving and Tree Nursery Management / Planning and Building Swales and Ponds/Bee keeping /Crop Diversity/Natural Human Medicine / Planning Trees for Profit/ Animal Systems/ Developing School Models for Food Security/Vermiculture and Compost Teas/Rocket Stoves and Hot Boxes/ Chicken Tractors/ Entrepreneurship

Apart from our regular workshops that are open to anyone who speaks Swahili, we are hosting tow programs:


Fursa Kijani: A youth empowerment program, that trains young Zanzibaris in a 4- months practical Permaculture training and internship, making them ready for employment as gardeners and farmers, and enabling them to start small entrepreneurship activities in organic activities, which we call ECOpreneurship.

Permaculture School Garden Program: Together with students, teachers and local communities, we develop and implement edible school gardens, outdoor classrooms , and wider actions of the community. The aim is to sensitive children from a young age about planting useful, edible , medicinal, and beautiful plants to increase quality of life.

Further businesses and activities of PPIZ includes:

1. Plant nursery with local and exotic species

2. Garden products: Compost and natural pesticides

3. Garden maintenance services and consultations

4. Farm and garden design and implementation

5. Customized staff or community training for businesses and projects

Kiswahili PDC (monthly): For farmers and gardeners to learn the basic skills of how to maintain a garden and farm naturally. Course includes full boards and accommodation, guest lectures, field trip and the certification.

We welcome students from all over the East Africa to come and learn with us. Please contact us for more information on internship and sponsorship opportunities.