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In 2013 Seven Ravens Permaculture Academy set up the first permaculture teacher's training centre in Butula Western Kenya with JB. We had previously worked with JB to build 7 permaculture school gardens in the Butula district from 2008-2012. As all the schools were very successful at maintaining the gardens and forestry projects and those schools were having very positive academic results after we set up the projects we decided we wanted to replicate this throughout Eastern Africa.

JB found a half acre piece of land and over the course of 16 working days we transformed that property into a highly productive food forest, tree nursery, intensive zero grazing animal system as well as developing a very productive fish farming operation. It was purposefully chosen to be a small scale piece of land as we wanted to create a living example of how productive permaculture could be on a small scale representative of most farmer's land sizes.

JB started teaching his first course 10 days after the completion of the school and to date has taught dozens of PDC courses. We are focusing specifically on training primary school teachers so that they are able to pass on the knowledge to their respective schools and communities. JB is still focusing on involving primary schools as part of his practical course.

It is our belief that if Permaculture were to be introduced as part of the primary school curriculum that it would have a very large impact on the population and economic development of Kenya, addressing food security. If all schools in Kenya had a permaculture program they would be able to feed all the students a daily lunch from the school compound which we have seen first hand dramatically improve academic and athletic programs which has resulted in larger school enrolment.The new surroundings of gardens and food forests makes the entire school property a most pleasant environment for all the students.

JB has also been teaching courses in Uganda until we find the appropriate Ugandan teacher to take over.His design skills have been very useful in designing each teacher training centre that we have established in East Africa.

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