Permaculture Skills Course

Learn the skills to build a better Future

Join us for the Permaculture Skills Course in English! This course will be hosted by the Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar and taking place just next door at PPIZ's mother farm Msonge Organic Family Farm, in Shakani, Unguja island. In this course you will learn how to get started with a main frame design to convert your own farm into a sustainable ecosystem, and you will gain more experience in large scale organic farming. Your teacher Ludovic Bourdon is a driving force behind the organisation „Abundant by Nature“ ( He is dedicating his life to making a difference in the life of others, by using regenerative agriculture and sustainable design. He is dreaming big and sees the possibility of Permaculture for the future, and the impact it could make by connecting all the different elements. In this course you will learn some theory and explanation, but also get a practical hands-on Permaculture experience!

Practical Permaculture Skills Course in English

When: December 9 - 13, 2019
Where: Hosted at PPIZ, all practicals at Msonge Organic Family Farm (in Shakani, Zanzibar, Tanzania)
How much: $350 incl. accommodation and all meals, classes & course materials
Bookings and inquiries: Laura +255777304890 and

About the Course

This course is designed for both participants with and without PDC background, who wish to have more hand-on experience before starting a project, may have a property and wonder how to get started with their main frame design, or those who simply want to get more experience on a large-scale farm in an idealistic setting on the island of Zanzibar. Come join us! Your teacher will be Ludovic Bourdon, international regenerative design consultant, from Abundant by Nature (AbN), in partnership with PPIZ and Msonge Organic Family Farm, for a one of its kind experience, as he will be doing the second phase of a Msonge farm retrofit in Zanzibar. In this course you will be able to be part of AbN's 3 week on site consultation and implementation on the largest Permaculture designed farm in Tanzania. For this second upgrade phase you will be joining Ludovic in his work. The course will be based on practical hand-on experience combined with explanations and theory, using practical situations encountered during the different workshops, throughout the week-long course. Being a part of the second phase will allow you to learn how to get feedback using pattern recognition. Adjustments will be made to the actions taken the previous year and improvements on the next phase of establishment. As much as possible, in alignment with the different projects on the go, the course outline will be flexible based on the needs and interests of the students. 

Course outlines options:

- Operation of different types of levels for large scale projects (fishpond, swales, etc)

- Swale building

- One-of-a-kind large coconut circle making

- Experience hands-on chop and drop

- Experience hands-on with large scale chicken tractor

- Visits with comments and explanations of different Permaculture productive sites (including criteria for fishpond positioning

- Introduction to Zanzibar traditional cooking

- Experience in the daily routine with production and management of a Permaculture farm <p/>

Your Teacher

Originally from France, Ludovic Bourdon has always loved traveling and exploring the world. After being introduced to Permaculture in Canada in 2011, he realized that his way to practice and spread Permaculture knowledge could be hands on and in parts of the world, where change is most needed.

Ludovic created Abundant by Nature (AbN) a regenerative consulting company. AbN is currently active in West Africa, with a very large agroforestry and grazing project in the desert of Burkina-Faso, and East Africa with a very large scale farm retrofit in Zanzibar. Using basic hand tools, laser level and big machinery, Ludo's focus is on making regenerative changes financially viable to create long term effects on peoples's minds and the planet's ecosystem.

Having worked as a trader in the building industry for most of his life and certified in Natural Building Techniques, allowed Ludo to quickly take on larger scale projects. He holds additional certifications, including:

- Multiple PDC and other courses with Geoff Lawton and Rob Avis

- Soil Biology/Compost with Doug Weatherbee

- Intensive Food Forest Design and Installation with Richard Walker

- Hands on experience with Michael Nikels and Brandon Bauer in East Africa setting up Practical Permaculture Institutes, food forest and garden in schools

- Permaculture Aid Leadership Certificate with Steve Cran, Philippines

- Permaculture earthworks course with David Spicer, Portugal

With a goal to help repattern as much of the world as possible, Ludovic’s courses show students regenerative techniques through hands-on teachings and theory in the field. These are applied to practical reality found during field sessions where he takes time to dive into theory adapted to groups ranging from international students to local farmers in remote places.

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