Practical Permaculture Design Course
For school teachers, NGO staff members, farmers and individuals - Uganda


This course will be specifically targeted to people who are working with schools or communities, as well as individuals interested to integrate Permaculture thinking into their own projects and work. Participants will include sponsored school teachers, community workers, farmers, NGO staff members, as well as individuals looking to gain a personal transformation. The participants will deepen their knowledge about the history, ethics, philosophy and goals of Permaculture.

Where? Sabina Permaculture Food and Water Security Project - Kyotera District Uganda

When? December 10th to 23rd, 2018

Fees? 500 USD inc. all training, accommodation, meals and resources for 2 weeks

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This is a collaboration between Broadfield Enterprises Uganda – Permaculture Group and Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar.


The aim of the course is to deliver the broad field of Permaculture through the internationally recognized 72-hour design course curriculum according to Bill Mollison and to provide a solid foundation for further endeavors using Permaculture. During the course, we will focus on the following topics:

Ethical foundations of Permaculture / Permaculture principles and methods - Observation and perception / Design exercises and presentations / Ecosystems, system theory and complexity / Soils, trees, water, climate / Permaculture in the tropics / Urban Permaculture and indigenous landscape design - Social Permaculture / Natural patterns / Terrain modeling / Self-sufficiency / Economy and community

Design exercises as well as the intensive study of concrete projects in individual or group work and student presentations will put the theory into practice. Thus, the theory acquired in the course is directly applied by practical transformations on the existing project of Sabina School.