Empowering sustainable livelihoods
Our works needs a financial background and we would appreciate your support.

Thank You

That is the right way, if you want to support the Practical Permaculture Institutes. Have a look what we are planning to do and if you are interested to see those things in reality. We are very grateful for people such as yourself, who support these project that empower the less fortunate, feed the hungry and embrace positive climate change initiatives. Specific account information are available here.

2 weeks Pracitcal Permaculture Design Course

This is our main course and our main opportunity to learn about the holistic concept of Permaculture. You can support local farmers or person from the community to join our course and start with Permaculture. The topics and aspects of our course are noted under the tab PDC.

Donation options

You have the following possibilities:

10$ - provide the tuition materials

50$ - share the support with 5 other people

100$ - that is a big step for the next farmer

250$ - support one farmer for a whole course

Community Empowerment

This project will reach out to the surrounding communities of Fum- ba Town via the existing Permaculture School Garden Program. With the support of this fund, Permaculture School Clubs will be supported and schools transformed into community centers that function as hubs for community training and empowerment.

50$ - Establish School Clubs for Permaculture (books, posters, sta- tionaries, seedlings, garden tools)

100$ - Group field visit + Workshop at PPIZ (half day, 10 pax)

150$ - Community Skills Workshop at the Permaculture Hub (half day, 30 pax, including print materials and tools

200$ - Kitchen Garden Starter Kit for one family + Workshop (Seeds, seedlings, compost, tools)

250$ - 2-week Permaculture De- sign Course for one female community leader or teacher


To empower the local communities around Fumba Town, PPIZ is offering support programs within the project areas of Community Empowerment and Raising ECOpreneurs supported by Fumba Town & CPS Live Ltd.


Our existing Fursa Kijani program empowers young adults to be- come change makers in their communities. In our 3,5-months training program they receive the foundational knowledge and practical training to start their own small ecological businesses. At the same time, they receive training to become multipliers in their communities and throughout Zanzibar.

50$ - Help establish ECObusiness start-up (office items, registra- tion fees, etc.)

100$ - Promotion of ECObusiness (concept, design and cre- ation of advertisement)

150$ - CMedia Skills Workshop (designing advertisements, materials and tools, 10 pax)

200$ - Manufacturing ECObusiness Prototypes (Solar drier, Seed Cabinet, Hotboxes)

250$ - Design & implementation of sustainable solutions for community