Skills Workshops
Besides the 2 week foundational Practical Permaculture Design Course, the Practical Permaculture Institute in Zanzibar is offering workshops on the following topics.

Soil Fertility Management

Learn how to fertile your soil naturally with the resources surrounding you. Start to build soil to protect the earth from soil shrinking and erosion.

Permaculture Project Design

Do you have a property and you do not want to clean it up totally? There is a option. Come and we will do a permaculture design together suitable for your area.


Bees are one of the most powerful and needed force to pollinate plants and to increase the capability of producing. Learn to keep them.

Nursery Management

Everything starts in the nursery. Like a kindergarten is a tree nursery supposed to be the beginning. Learn how to maintain it.

Natural Medicine

The earth provides us a vast amount of plants which have a medicinal use. Be brave and use mother natures healing power. Instead of driving to the pharmacy, just have a look at the backyard.

Waste Management

We avoid to use the term "waste". The association many people have when they are thinking about waste is something without value. We think that it is one of the most valuable resources existing.

Natural Pest Management

The possibilities of utilizing natures resources for a healthy and diverse farm and garden are endless. Nature provides us what we need. Learn the natural way of fighting pests.