Introduction to Permaculture // November 25th-26th 2017
with Edouard van Diem at the Practical Permaculture Institute, Zanzibar (in Kiswahili and English)

For planners, seekers, self-employed and future-oriented people

Permaculture is a set of methods which are coupled with an accurate observation of nature, and makes them available for the design of systems. Whether we start in our own garden, plan for whole communities, villages or municipalities, the basic principles are applicable everywhere and act in the direction of future development according to the model of nature. This course is aimed at permaculture beginners and other interested parties. The aim is to work out the basic concepts and methods of Permaculture. People with the goal of using Permaculture in the private sphere or to integrating it into professional contexts receive a well- grounded foundation.

The teacher

Edouard van Diem has been on the Permaculture journey for 12 years, starting his own Permaculture education center, the Permakultur Campus in Hamburg, Germany, four years ago. The Permakultur Campus offers Permaculture related workshops and courses, and also the certification of the Permaculture Diploma, a 1-2 year training in Permaculture design. Edouard has also been very active in working with projects abroad and giving consultation to businesses and NGOs in Haiti, Palestine, Zanzibar, and the DR Congo.

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