The Vision

After completing ten primary school permaculture projects in Kenya, Michael and his team developed the idea to come up with a successful model that would be easy to replicate.

They decided that they would build Permaculture teacher training centers in 5 countries in East Africa, namely Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Malawi.

These training centers are designed to train farmers and especially primary school teachers who will then be able to create sustainable model permaculture sites at their respective schools and communities.

Within a couple of years of completion of each project we are expecting to train 200 primary school teachers per year through each institute. By 2019 we expect to have trained 3000 primary school teachers who will have disseminated the information to roughly 2 million primary school children.

Our experience has taught us that once a school has a permaculture project and is producing food for a lunch program, that academic and athletic performance increases dramatically. This also has a spillover effect into the local community, where the children are teaching their respective families how to increase productivity and economic opportunity on their farms.

The center will also attract out of school youth into possibility of job creation ranging from becoming farmers to be service providers in area such as landscaping design, tree nurseries and support in building home gardens and food forests