Permaculture Design Course
Imagine being able to look at any given piece of land and being capable to design a healthy, functioning eco-system as well as creating holistic and sustainable system.


This course is designed to enrich the students with the confidence to design and implement a complete permaculture system. Students training is geared towards becoming teachers and practitioners of permaculture applicable anywhere in the world, particularly E. Africa with its rich tropical climate and fertile soils. The students will, besides receiving a Permaculture Design certificate, acquire dynamic skills set to becoming an inspiring teacher of permaculture and practical farm management.

Topics to be Covered

Principles and Ethics of Permaculture / Permaculture Design and Mapping / Designing Water Harvesting Systems / Grey Water Management / Composting Toilets / Designing Houses for the Tropics / Composting / Seed Saving and Tree Nursery / Management / Planning and Building Swales and Ponds / EM (Effective Microorganisms) / Beekeeping / Crop Diversity / Planting Trees for Profit / Animal Systems / Developing School Models for Food Security / Zero Grazing / Rotational Grazing Systems / Vermiculture and Compost Teas / Solar Cookers and Rocket Stoves / Chicken Tractors / Entrepreneurship